From: Alisa Kyrychok

Subject: Lead Generation through Cold Outreach

Hello {name}, You're here because you want to connect with B2B decision-makers. Sales thrive on connecting with the right people for the right opportunities.

Reach out directly to the C-level decision-makers

You're in the right place. We email clients daily and get responses. We enjoy these conversations. Here are some sample responses:

From: Clients

Subject: We're often asked about the conversion rates a project can achieve.

Alright, let's dive in. Conversion into a response or another desired action, like registration, typically ranges from 0.5% to 12%. Well, you know, there's no magic involved here. It's all about working through the process. There's no black box that magically produces clients.

Subject: What's the size of your potential client base?

Audience Landscape is the number of your leads worldwide. We can pre-calculate all available companies or individuals to approach. This impacts your planning:

  • How much time to cover the entire market?
  • What will be the cost?

Email vs LinkedIn

From: Clients

Subject: Build a true omnichannel approach!

Choice without a choice is manipulation. 😊 Work in both channels whenever you have data. As a savvy manager, approach from all angles. Send email sequences and connect on LinkedIn, saying: "I sent you an email to your work inbox..."

Subject: Sell to those who want to buy!

In outbound lead generation, we work with a cold database. So, the first task is to find the interested ones. Then, focus on them and move them to the next step. Don't even think about trying to do everything for everyone. Look for individuals with a conscious need. It will take you less effort to convert them


The primary goal of cold outreach is to find warm prospects.

STRENGTH Test for your Cold Outreach:

Rate yourself from 0 to 10 on these parameters:

0 . . . . . . . . . 10

A compelling product idea or packaging.
A unique proposition.

0. . . . . . . . . 10

Effective conversion teksts. It's clear what you offer, and the Call To Action is enticing.

0 . . . . . . . . . 10

A perfectly curated audience database. Segmented by countries, positions, and industries.

0. . . . . . . . . 10

Technical anti-spam settings. 'I can send nearly 1000 emails a day, and almost all land in the inbox.' 😉

35-40      Congratulations! Everything is working for you. How's the conversion rate?


21-34         It's intriguing to talk to you and share experiences. 😉


below 20 Oh, come on in! Let's fine-tune and enhance lead generation together.


How we can help streamline lead generation for your company:

Full-Service Email Consulting

  • Forecast the number of leads in your market.
  • Design pilot versions of the customer's journey to a deal.
  • Compile databases.
  • Craft conversion email sequences.
  • Configure the technical sending.
  • Manage it daily.

What you'll get:


  • Responses from clients!
  • Warmed-up contact databases for your sales team to work with.
  • Regular reports on the progres.

Quality scaling is our priority. We can cover any volume of data for your business.
Feel free to ask any questions.


Subject: Open Rate 50-75%

Your proposal will be read by 50-75% of your target C-level contacts. These numbers are achieved through:

  • Engaging subject lines,
  • Technical configurations.

The next step - what will you offer them?

Subject: If "Let's have a 15-minute call" doesn't work.

Here are examples of CTAs by industries that perform exceptionally well:

  • Digital - Downloading materials
  • IT - Registration, demo version, road show
  • Promotional materials, manufacturing - Sending samples, batch calculation
  • Energy - Calculation
  • Unique product - Scheduling a business meeting
  • Many more interesting industries and CTAs

Sometimes we revamp and test new customer journeys to kickstart dialogues with interested clients.

The business process sells itself. We test CTAs.

Finally, let's quote the famous Billie Eilish hit, generated by chatGPT


Questions and objections:

  • Where do you get your databases from? 

    We found your contact on LinkedIn, and your profile there has open information for business proposals.

  • What about GDPR?

    Cold outreach is technically sending from person to person using the SMTP protocol. Never use mass mailing services, as a manually collected database did not give consent for this.

  • So, how do we achieve a 50-75% Open Rate?

    Thanks to direct SMTP sending, not through services. This imposes restrictions on the number of daily sends. So, we just use more domains!

  • Can we send to 10,000 a month?

    Yes, you can. To do that, you need to calculate the necessary number of domains. Of course, if it makes financial sense for you.

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